"Torch" in Development

TeamBoltz Status:
It is true, Psycho Chicken and Mad Cow have both been defeated in competition at "Robot Wars: Extreme Warriors", but from these losses, TeamBoltz has learned many valuable lessons.  We have been hard at work creating a new and exciting robot that we affectionately call Torch.  Torch is the basis for "Son of Psycho Chicken". 

I've finally added the video from when Psycho Chicken went to London.  I will edit down highlights of Psycho Chicken's exciting appearance on Robot Wars and post at a later date.

TeamBoltz Video Streams*
- "My LEGO Mindstorms Inventions"
(Windows Media Player).

- "Psycho Chicken in London" (Windows Media Player).

- "The Making of Psycho Chicken" (Windows Media Player)

- "Mad Cow's Trip to London" (Windows Media Player)

- "The Making of Boltz" (Windows Media Player)

- "Revolutionist Promo Video" - Shots of Psycho Chicken getting destroyed. (Windows Media Player).

Brent test riding "Torch"

Robot Wars has been good to TeamBoltz, and we are eagerly waiting for any sort of announcement that TechTV will pick up where TNN left off in producing shows with American Competitors.  Meanwhile, check out the TechTV Robot Wars Page.  
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Brent, Happy, Jason & Psycho Chicken

Jason and Brent with "Boltz v1.5"

Psycho Chicken

Jason, Brent, Chris with Mad Cow


*WARNING: Some material in these videos may not be suitable for young audiences. The use of power tools should only be used under adult supervision, and there should be greater precaution taken than is exhibited in this video.